Woman Yelling At Vereran’s Service Dog Goes Viral

A video showing a woman yelling about a veteran’s service dog has gone viral. The Amazing clip starts midway through the argument, and it shows local Ciara Miller standing in the center of Kathy’s Crab House quarreling with a group of people, including a man holding the leash of a Great Dane wearing a vest designating it as a “PTSD service dog.” Off camera, a woman can be heard informing Miller that the dog’s handler is an army veteran. However, the woman yells that service dogs inside restaurants are “nasty,” and no one could sway her opinion. She says that the restaurant should have a designated area for service dogs.

According to the American with Disabilities Act, restaurants are required to admit any patron who comes with a service animal. The YouTube clip has received over 400,000 views, but the woman at the center of it has come out to defend herself alleging that there’s a campaign to tarnish her name. In addition to online harassment and slander, Miller says that she’s also the victim of racial attacks. She even alleges that before the camera started recording, she was subjected to racial slurs inside the restaurant.

The veteran being confronted by the woman was retired US Army Master Sergeant Bill Austin. But he denies that anyone spoke anything racial towards Miller. The restaurant also addressed the incident terming it “embarrassing.” It went on to express regret over the whole affair and rued the fact that some civilians are unfamiliar with government regulations with regards to service animals. It’s also worthwhile to note that the restaurant also took the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive by educating the public about the vital role service animals play in helping and serving returning veterans who had been severely wounded and injured, including those who were suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).