UK’s Most Tattooed Man: Tips, Life Lessons, Struggles and More

Some people, it would seem, do not know when to stop when it comes to getting tattoos and other forms of body art. Even while drunk, many people are able to keep their tattoo choices tame and socially acceptable. But with lovers of extreme body art, outrageous and unique is the least they settle for when they pay a tattoo parlor a visit. A perfect example is UK’s most tattooed man, aptly named Body Art, who currently has over 300 tattoos all over his body.
There is literally no place he won’t let a body artist’s instrument go – he has even dyed his eyes. He even chose to say goodbye to his nipples because they were getting in the way of having the tattoos he wanted.

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In his own words, what many people consider going overboard is just a way for him to express how much control he has over his body. Strange, huh!

Not many people would buy into his idea of freedom of expression. The truth is that the special treatment people give him says that people see anything but control based on the unique, extreme and unusual choices he has made regarding his body.

So, one thing Body Art gets in spades is attention from the public. Not that this should come as a surprise – he is a walking and breathing oddity to many. But to him, he is perfectly normal. While he generally do it for the attention, it is to be expected, he admits.

But the attention is not always positive. He can’t help but feel like some people could watch how they treat him and others like him. That is why he has taken up the side job of advocating for equal treatment of people with body modifications.

Some people, it turns out, have shown open distaste in him, even to the point of commuting hate crimes against him. Someone even stabbed him for it. He says he can take a few sour reactions once in a while, but being treated differently is where he draws the line. He also has an issue with the limited job opportunities available to people with modifications as unique as his.

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And how did it all begin? His escalating passion for extreme body art started modestly enough – he got a British flag and a British bulldog tattoo at 16. But that was eons ago compared to how far he has gotten with his body modifications.

He has even split his tongue more than once. He had to give he gutsy procedure a second try after the initial split healed.

And if you are keen to follow in his footsteps, listen up! He has a few words of advice. First of all, the body is an amazing thing. Secondly, do your research before getting any modifications.

He should know – he was once at the brink of suffering from septicemia, a life-threatening condition, because of his unusual passion. He also almost lost an arm to a body modification his body rejected.

And you are probably thinking, here is a person who likes pain. On the contrary, he hates pain. In fact, despite having body parts removed, split, and drilled through, he says he does not even like paper cuts or the pain that comes with getting tattoos.

So, how does he put himself through all this pain when he has such an open aversion to pain? It’s simple: he is an avid believer in the “no pain no gain” philosophy.