The Ten Most Amazing Places To Thrill You

Life is short, right? And since you only get one shot at it, why don’t you make it worthwhile? You may have heard a lot of thrill seekers say the same thing when trying to explain why they do the seemingly crazy things they do. The truth is that, you should be enjoying your life otherwise what would the point of being alive. It’s easier said than done. Some people can only take fun, exhilarating life experiences one shot at a time. If you are going to do this then you need to consider the things that would get you out of your comfort zone. Think of those scary, stomach churning, life affirming experiences that will get you at your core. Here are a couple of ideas you might like to explore to give you that buzz of adrenaline you can’t get from your everyday life:

1. Ride the slopes of a Volcano in Nicaragua

Ever since the surf board was created, people have challenged themselves to ride it down snow, sand dunes and ice caps. If you thought some of the boarding is pretty crazy then you have not tried to ride a board down a volcano. Cerro Negro in Nicaragua is the best volcano to ride in the world. This volcano is still active. The last time it erupted was in 1999 and since then it has become a hotspot (excuse the pun) for thrill seeking boarders. You can reach amazing speeds of up to 80 kilometres as you hurtle down the volcano.

2. Enter Australia’s Cage of Death

Remember Crocodile Dundee? If you’ve always been fascinated by these distant relatives of the prehistoric dinosaurs, then there is no better place to get up close and personal with them than by entering the Cage of death in Australia. The cage of death puts you in the same space as the crocodile. You get to spend 15 minutes with these animals with no protection except a glass partition that separates you from the crocodiles. Visit Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin to have this thrilling experience of a lifetime.

3. Ride the Vegas Insanity ride

The Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas’ tallest, free standing observation tower is one of the most insane rides in the US. The Insanity ride hovers 270 meters above ground and about 10 meters over the edge of the tower with mechanical arms that will get your heart pounding. The insanity ride is located on Las Vegas Boulevard and is not for the faint hearted.

4. Everest skydive

Not everyone who goes to Nepal goes there to conquer Everest. Many have tried and failed, others have died trying and a lot of people have managed to summit. Everest has always been a marvel for mountaineers, but you have to train, get you mind right in preparation for the world’s toughest climbs. Skip that and find some other way to conquer Everest – from the sky.

Everest skydive is an outfit that offers skydiving experiences from 29,500 ft over the Everest summit to land at base camp. You can do a solo jump or a tandem one with an experienced diver.

5. Try New Zealand’s Nevis Bungy


New Zealand’s most thrilling adventure, the Nevis river Bungy is the highest and quickest in the world. Imagine dropping to a pod suspended 134 meters above the river Nevis at 8.5 seconds, that is faster than Usain Bolt’s 100m record. The jumps take place everyday. There are buses that go to the location leaving the Station Building in Queenstown.

6. Try Japan’s steepest roller coaster

If you are a roller coaster junkie, then you probably have heard of Japan’s (and the world) steepest roller coaster. It is located at the Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park. There is a 121-degree free fall. You will also need to fight G forces as you zoom past seven twists and a 43-meter drop. Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park is located in Fujiyoshda in Yamanashi, Japan.7. Zorbing

Tumbling around in an inflatable plastic bubble might sound more than ridiculous. It is simply hilarious. You can run, walk or crawl to get down a hill. It is so much fun it is becoming a team oriented activity. Ever heard of Zorball, football (as in soccer) with a twist. Zorbing is available just about everywhere. Find out who the local Zorbers are in your area and join in some mindless fun.

8. Run with the bulls in Spain

There are some things that just don’t get old, like the bull runs in Spain which have captivated the imagination of people for centuries. People die in these spectacles, but that only brings more people. There is nothing as exhilarating as fear. You might get trampled or gored or not, but it makes for a great story either way.

9. Swim with great white sharks

Challenge the big, bad creature of the deep, blue sea in his own territory. Swim with white sharks in Cape Town. You can square off with Jaws in Simon’s Town and get your heart rate down again with a visit to Boulders Beach Penguin Colony.

10. Take a Death Drop in Zambia/ Zimbabwe border

Picture a 53-cliff and a 180 kilometre per hour free fall. You have all of 4 seconds to close your eyes and hope you don’t lose your stomach contents on your way down. The Death Drop is terrifyingly thrilling. You’ll even forget to take in the beautiful natural surroundings as you hurtle down the cliff with nothing but a safety harness.

There are a lot of thrilling and amazing places you can visit. Some of them are just around your own backyard.