The Apple New Release Curse Strikes Again With A Mysterious Green Line

Over the last couple of years, Apple had to deal with a number of glitches and hiccups with their flagship releases.

Back in 2010, new Apple users were frustrated at the rate that calls were being dropped. Turned out that swopping antenna works, for something that looks aesthetically appealing is not the best choice.

The Fast track to 2012 in Apple maps became the laughing stock of the navigation world.

Not long afterward Apple shocked again by releasing a plastic phone, not the ‘quality’ that Apple die-hards had been looking for.

2014 saw one of Apple’s biggest fumbles in the infamous ‘bendgate’ episode.

More than just a few people who bought the iPhone 6 Plus regrettably came to the realization that if they sit on their phones, they tend to bend.

The latest release, the iPhone X, has already had two embarrassing little niggles that it had to iron out after a short release period.

The first happened when the facial recognition, one of the phone’s key selling points, failed at a launch. The second started to emerge in the form of a solid green line at the side of the phone that just does not want to disappear.

At this time, there isn’t an exact explanation for the green line, except that it is an electrical fault.

Whatever the reason might be, a couple of iPhone users are not going to be impressed when their $999 phones do not produce perfection.