Sports: A Way out for the Poor in Society

While some sports have been the privilege of the rich such as golf, tennis and polo, there are other sports that are proving to be indiscriminate of class. Households in disadvantaged areas have little or no money to expend on leisure. This has become a huge challenge for these people and has seen a lot of them fall into habits that are detrimental. For example, most slum areas are characterized by drug abuse and high crime rates. Most of the world famous basketballers, soccer players and American football players come from poor neighborhoods. Theirs are stories of hope, perseverance and determination. It is this gritty nature that has seen them rise to global level of success.

These athletes are now looked upon by thousands of young children who seek to emulate them. For the children, this is a way out of the difficult life that is their lot. Joe Frazier for example, represents the struggle of the child in an underprivileged home and neighborhood. He is the symbol of success for the child living in the slums of Philly. Marshall Faulk is a symbol of hope for the kid living in the home projects in New Orleans. Also, Muhammad Ali, as controversial as he was, was the hope for children from Kentucky and beyond. In other words, this is their route out of poverty.

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The glamor and fame that comes with hacking it is another motivation for the poor children who aspire to be successful athletes. The odds are stacked against this child in a situation where there are 16.4 million children living under poverty under the age of 18. This just goes on to show how the race is tight.

Does this mean that all high school athletes shall make it? Not at all. A very small percentage of those who participate in sports in high school go on to become professional athletes. These young people make immense sacrifices to get out of a life of poverty. There are many obstacles in their path but this does not hide the fact that sports can really help the poor overcome a life of poverty and even enjoy
a better life.

There are many success stories in the world of sports. Sebastian Coe, former world record holder and gold medalist, has attributed sports with keeping him out of crime in his neighborhood. England is a sports loving nation and their love for soccer is unmatched the world over. This has seen many young children from different backgrounds try to make the best out of life and become stars. The mere sight
of the lives led by famous sports personalities such as David Beckham and Wayne Rooney is a good enough motivation. The athletes too have increased in popularity and have become celebrities, something that these youngsters wish to emulate.

It goes without saying that there are many children who come from impoverished backgrounds. These children are however determined to make the most out of life by working hard and trying to emulate their favorite stars. As can be seen in the example of Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali and Marshall Faulk among other, sports can indeed be a way out for the poor.