Shark Dundee: Fearless Aussie House Wife Wrestles A Shark

What would you do if you saw a small shark swimming in a local outdoor pool? Chances are that you’d alert a life guard or call a local animal protection organisation. However, your initial response may differ if you were born and raised in Australia. Which is famed for it’s deadly animals examples of which include sharks and crocodiles as well as venemous snakes.

Sydney resident Melissa Hatheier couldn’t believe her eyes, when she noticed what looked to be a shark fin gliding through the calm water of her local pool. However, instead of alerting a life guard, Hatheier instinctively jumped into the pool and proceeded to corner the shark into one of the pool’s walls. Hatheier was then captured on video, wrestling the shark with her bare hands before scooping the shark up and throwing it over the sea break, into the Pacific Ocean. While the video of Hatheier throwing a shark has gone viral, the suburban house wife doesn’t see what all the fuss was about. Hatheier told the BBC that she just jumped onto the shark, using her knee to steady the shark and stop it from fighting, before picking up the shark with her bare hands. Once she picked the shark up, thought to herself “sweet”, I’m safe.
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Although there have been 18 cases of shark attacks in Australia this year, Hatheier didn’t see the shark as a real threat and even went on to compare the shark to a toddler and was quoted as saying, “It was kind of like a toddler, there wasn’t a problem throwing him over”. So while some people may be quick to disregard the stereotype of Australians being fearless nature lovers, your typical Australian house wife may have more in common with the late Steve Irwin and the character Crocodile Dundee, than you may have thought. If you visit Australia, just be sure to leave the shark tossing to the locals.