No Meredith, No Grey

It’s kind of hard to believe that the hit Medical Drama, Grey’s Anatomy is approaching its 300th episode. There aren’t many other series that can boast that kind of numbers.

However, creator Shonda Rhimes attributed the success of the show to none other than her leading lady, Ellen Pompeo.

Shonda made it clear that the show would only continue as long as Pompeo was willing to do the scrubs of her character, Dr. Meredith Grey.

The question, however, remains as to how long Pompeo would like to draw out the life of her character.

Earlier this year she was still very much content with her role as the much loved Dr. Grey, but she has also thrown some hints that her time in the hospital might be drawing nearer to an end.

Pompeo maintains that she loves the role and the show, but has also mentioned that she sometimes feels as if she is stuck in a rut.

Throughout the series, Pompeo has been bombarded with fan mail, stating how the show encouraged them and how they could relate to some of the shows and the medical drama that was very close to home.

But it seems, that even though you have such a large and adoring fan base and that the show literally cannot go on without you, there comes a time when all of that sort of becomes stale and redundant. Although Pompeo has not explicitly said that she is quitting the show, it might not be the worst assumption to make that this might be the last season of Greys.