Man’s Cute Twinning Selfie With Husky Goes Viral

Twinning moments of an owner and his husky go viral as people all over the world share their own twinning moments with their pets. Liam Rice a 24 old-year old isle of Man resident and animal care officer posted four selfies with his husky Luna. In each of the pictured the two reflect each other’s facial expressions. Liam posted on his twitter feed that he believed his dog is a human trapped in a dog’s body. He sets the Twitterverse aflame. Normally, Liam’s tweets get about 60 likes, but the morning after the post his twitter account could not take the flood of people twinning with all kinds of dogs and cats. This twinning frenzy has gotten Liam (and Luna) over a quarter of a million followers and they grow with each day. It’s amazing how many people’s personalities are reflected in their pets and vice versa. For now its a twitter war, to see who comes up with cutest twinning pose.

Image Source: Li4mricee Twitter

Liam would never have imagined that his dog selfies would cause such a stir. There was even a time when Liam did not even think of owning a dog again after Jack his first dog died. Liam and Jack had been inseparable since he was 3 years old and his loss was hard. Luna was a gift from a family friend, theirs was a case of love at first sight. Luna was 3 months old at the time, but Luna was already enamored with the camera and they have posed for pictures ever since.

Everyone who knows Liam knows he loves animals. It made sense that he would choose to help animals in needed. The organization that Liam works for, ManxSPCA is the only organization that helps animals in the entire Isle of Man. They rescue abandoned, lost and injured animals and nurse them back to health. They then work to find these animals homes with people who would love and care for them. Liam is regarded as a kind of “pet whisperer” because he seems to have a natural way of easing distressed animals who have behavioral problems and cannot adjust to life at the shelter. A lot of them arrive at the shelter traumatized and distrustful. It is Liam’s job to help heal, not only their bodies, but their minds and spirit. It can be emotional for anyone to have to let go of an animal they have bonded with. There would be moments that the emotions so deep, he felt like he was cheating on Luna. She could smell the other animals on him, but after a couple of months and casual visits to the ManxSPCA shelter, Luna has gotten used to it.

Now that the duo has conquered social media and are now title holders if the cutest twinning owner and pet duo, they plan to turn Pro. Liam is planning on lining up some professional photographers to take pictures of Lunar doing different things in different places. From there, who knows? For now, people are loving Luna, they want to see more of him. This Twin- off could break the million views mark as more people try to outdo each other.