Man Wakes Up With A Hangover And A $6,947 Bill For A Luxury Trip!

How would you feel, if you woke up with a hangover and a $6,947 bill, for luxury trip that you don’t remember booking? After a boozy night out, William Armstrong was surprised to find a large envelope from his Flight Center travel agent, in his mail box. Amstrong’s jaw dropped as he pulled out a bill for $6,957 a luxury vacation to the Maldives which was due to be paid in full by 12.05pm on November the 10th.

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At the top of the bill, was the following message. “Thank you so much for popping in the other day. We certainly appreciate your business and hope you are beginning to get excited about your upcoming first class flight to the Maldives”. Armstrong continued to panic as he pulled a detailed, professional itinerary for his Maldives getaway from the envelope. Which included return first class Etihad Airways flight from Heathrow to the Maldives. With a short one hour stop over in Abu Dhabi.
Thankfully Armstrong’s panic was short lived as when he turned over his bill he found the following message from Steve, a travel agent at Flight Center. “George. We are just kidding, we’ve found your driver’s licence outside our shop and thought you might need it”. Sure enough Armstrong found his ID which he had dropped on his drunken night out, enclosed. Armstrong found Steve’s prank hilarious and decided to share his story with his Twitter followers.
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Armstrong’s Twitter friends praised George’s ingenuity and sense of humor with one follower tweeting that Steve should be given a pay rise for promoting Flight Center. While another follower thought that Steve deserved an all expenses paid weekend getaway.
One thing’s for sure. Next time Armstrong heads out for a night out, he’ll be sure to keep his drivers licence safely secured in his wallet at all times!