Jay Z And Beyoncé Decides To Amaze The World With Their Twins Sir And Rumi

It has been five months after the simply otherworldly photo shoot with Beyonce and her youngest offspring, Sir, and Rumi.

The Carter couple had their two children only months ago and the press were simply ready to kill over the rights to the newborn photo shoot.

Beyonce simply looked gorgeous in a floral arrangement, holding the two little angels with the cutest faces.

A few days ago, we were able to see the twins for the first time since then. What’s the situation, you ask? Well, they’re still freaking adorable in every sense of the world.

The couple and the kids were seen with Jay-Z’s mom, Gloria, in their rented Miami mansion. They were obviously preparing for Jay’s concert in Orlando.

It’s nice that Jay is still a family man and that he respects true values. Not every famous gangsta rapper goes on tour with his family!

Even Beyonce’s mom was present, and she also waited for her turn when it comes to holding the babies. Jay Z and Blue Ivy must have been a little bit shy, as the camera wasn’t able to catch them during their intimate moments.

They don’t appear in public often, but when they do, it’s an all-around display of ultimate cuteness. There are rumors that another photo shoot is due when the babies are going to be six months.

We sure hope to get another dose of those adorable angles!