Jackass Star Finds Loving Companion in Peruvian Street Dog

Do you remember that show where a bunch of guys did all sorts of weird and dangerous stunts? Jackass seemed like it happened ages ago, but we remember all the wacky and sometimes dangerous stunts those guys pulled back in the day.

Years after Jackass ended, the boys are all doing their own things. In Steve-O’s case, he recently inspired dog lovers all over the world when he rescued and adopted a Peruvian street dog to accompany him during his travels in Peru.

Image Source: DailyMail.co.uk

For those of you who don’t know him, Stephen Gilchrist Glover or Steve-O, is an actor, producer, musician, comedian and stunt performer. His claim to fame centers around his performance stunts on the Jackass as well as several starring roles in various series.

Steve-O is also well-known for his eccentric tastes, his wild character and the large number of wild tattoos all over his body. One tattoo, for example, has the words “Your Name” on one of his butt cheeks. Steve-O says that he got the tattoo so that he could tell people that “I got your name” on his one of his butts.

Despite his wild reputation and eccentric personality, Steve-O is not without a soft side. He is a well-known animals rights activist and vegan, and at one point, he event narrated a documentary about meat processing and modern farms. His latest animal friendly exploit, however, is rescuing an unwanted dog from the streets of Peru.

Most of the highlights of the rescue was captured in a brief five minute video posted on Steve-O’s YouTube account. The stunt actor had arrived in Peru to film an episode of “Ultimate Expedition” but he already wanted to meet some of the country’s street dogs before hand.

At the start of the video Steve-O claimed that he wanted a dog to keep him company while he learned how to climb Peru’s numerous mountains. So he bought a couple of bags of dog food, which he then used to feed the local street dogs lounging around.

Eventually, Steve-O found Wendy, a loving canine with a light brown coat. After feeding her, she followed Steve-O around while he walked around the streets of Peru. Steve-O liked the dog so much that he picked her up and brought her into the apartment room where he was staying. The Jackass star even bathe her and camped out with her.

Steve-O and Wendy would later spend the next two and half weeks wandering through the mountains and wildlands of Peru. After they had finished filming, Steve-O would take Wendy with him back home and made her into a traveling companion.

Steve-O even made several update videos about Wendy, including one video where she appeared to have become pregnant. She seems quite happy living with him.

Steve-O and Wendy’s encounter happened months ago, but judging by their interaction on Steve-O’s videos, both the stunt actor and his dog remain quite happy in each other’s company to this day. If you would like to know more about Steve-O and his Peruvian canine friend, here’s a brief video (made by Steve-O himself) on what happened.