It’s Baby Dream’s Birthday!

We all know that on parent’s splitting up, the children sometimes get caught up in the middle of the whole debacle. The parents tend to outdo each other in terms of gifts for a number of different reasons.

When you throw celebrity status and a whole lot of money into the mix, however, the competition among the parents reaches a whole new level of crazy.

Dream Kardashian was on the receiving end when she was thrown a second, first birthday party. A party that she will in all likelihood never remember.

Blac Chyna spared no expense and was determined not be outdone by Rob Kardashian, Dream’s father.

From celebrity guests to a petting zoo and a cake that would make the “Cake Boss” proud, Chyna made sure that her party was every bit as lavish as Rob’s party.

It was, however, literally a very one-sided affair seeing that none of the Kardashians were there to share in the celebrations. This was to be expected to see that Chyna is suing pretty much the whole Kardashian family.

She claims that they tried to defame her and destroy her career. She maintains that she experienced personal and financial harm due to their interference and revenge porn.

The Kardashians are being sued for defamation and interference with contractual relations and economic prospective relations.

While all this is happening, young Dream is none the wiser and will in all likelihood grow up thinking that the parties and her parents throw her at the norm.