Heartbroken Man Gives Away Engagement Ring On Facebook

What would you do if your dream of marrying the love if your life was shattered and you were left with an engagement ring you can’t really sell. The movies make it look easy, chucking the ring in the cold swampy river. The thing is engagement rings are expensive and the sentiment involved makes chucking something like that away hard. Steven Crocker from Virginia had planned to propose to a woman he loved and present her with a 14 K white gold engagement ring with $1,700. Things didn’t work out as he planned. A month before he planned to pop the question, the 23-year old was going through a break-up. He was single and totally heartbroken.

He told reporters from TODAY that he was so heartbroken and sad, his mother had to hide the rind so it wouldn’t serve as a constant reminder. Crocker had been in a relationship with a 1-and-a half year-old young lady which came to an abrupt end in November. For Months, Crocker avoided the subject and probably wallowed in a lot of sad love songs still not even want ping to look at the ring, until a few weeks ago.

Image Source: Scarymommy.com

After thinking about and researching the best thing to do with such an engagement ring, Crocker decided to sell it the normal way. The money that he was being offered in exchange for the ring was not enough and so he decided to think a little bit more about the rings and what it signified. He concedes ‘it was not about the money but about the love that ring signified”

In early March 2017, Crocker took a radical move. He took his story into Facebook and offered the engagement for free to anyone who is in love and ready to take the next step but cannot afford to buy a ring. Since he posted this offer on March 5th, he has received a lot of emails and messages. Some of these messages are from people who have great and touching love stories to share whilst other are women looking offering to give him the love he couldn’t get from his ex.

The number of emails coming in reached 960. He also got more than a hundred Facebook messages. He has since updated his message to upkeep everyone informed of what has been happening and how many messages he has had to sift through. He says he is looking for a standout individual whose significant other means the world to them. He wants someone who would appreciate the significance of the ring.

He has had contact from virtually everywhere from as far afield as Argentina and Scotland. He has also attracted the attention of ladies who are also looking for a standout guy like him and want to date him. Crocker has spoken to his ex and although he doesn’t go into the details of the break-up he is quick to defend her from the nasty comments that some people have posted about her. He has said that he was open to getting back together with her, but it was not something he would hold his breath for. He insists that regardless of what happens, he still believes in love and this ring giveaway is not only a way for him to move on but a way to encourage the world that is so jaded that love is still a beautiful thing.