Grandpa With Dementia Warms The Hearts Of His Family

Dementia robs not only the person who suffers from it but their loved ones too.

It is often more difficult for families to accept those other complications of aging because of the way it invades the brain little by little, affecting memory, reasoning, thinking, deciding and imagining.

Family members have to go through the agony of grandparents, parents or close relatives no longer being able to recognize them. It’s heartbreaking when a parent forgets the face of a child for the first time and when precious memories are erased forever.

It is often very difficult for a family to place a dementia sufferer in a care home. This was a decision the Headings family were forced to make.

When Mallory Headings moved her grandfather, her whole family was present and sang hymns to him. He has always loved the old hymns and despite his dementia, he is still able to sing or hum to one of his favorite hymns like It Is Well With My Soul.  He is fortunate enough to be able to remember one of the things that matter most to him.

How blessed this family is to be able to share this with him and to see how he takes comfort from it.  Hopefully, they will experience the joy of singing together for the remainder of his days.

Still Remembers His Harmony

"My grandpa has dementia. My grandparents watched me every day while my parents were at work until I was 12. They were a huge part of my upbringing. My grandpa has always loved music. My earliest memories are of him and Grandma singing music from The Gaithers. They love southern gospel. There was always music in their home. He was put in the nursing home yesterday for the first time after a few days in the hospital. Before my family left, we sang these old hymns and my grandpa still remembers his harmony."#LoveWhatMattersA Love What Matters Original VideoSubmitted by ‎Mallory Headings‎

Posted by Love What Matters on Thursday, October 19, 2017