Fitness Trends – A Look At How Exercise Has Evolved Over The Years

These days the term workout is so broad. It does not have to have anything to do with a treadmill or Wrights or a boxing bag. There have been a number of fitness trends that have become popular over the last couple of years. The more recent trends that we are seeing can be anything from sled pushes to yoga and meditation in the afternoon and then some cryotherapy in the evenings. People look at fitness in broader terms to include wellness, which means the emphasis has shifted away from it just being about grueling workouts but it is now more about adopting a healthier lifestyle. There are a number of exercise trends that have captured the imagination and interest of people around the world.

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#1. Functional Exercises

Medicine balls and resistance bands have been around for quite a while. They have been used in plyometric training to enhance strength in all planes of motion. People are still buying barbells and Kettlebells, so the old tried, true and tested weighting modalities are still a thing to this day.

#2. Boxing

Boxing gyms are filling up with all kinds if people from ordinary folks to supermodels and celebrities. Boxing gives you release, especially when you consider the kind of stressful lives we lead. There’s nothing like punching something hard to release tension. There are boxing studios that combine strength training with conditioning, which make boxing engaging and fun.

#3. Exercise In Virtual Reality

Image Source: Pexels


Exercise studios have changed regimens on offer and how they are offered. They have embraced technology and integrated it into their fitness programs to provide customers with an immersive experience. Take spin studios, for example: instead of having music and someone screaming at you to ride harder you can cycle in a virtual reality world with 3D depictions of courses. Your instructor can now take you on a spectacular journey with imagery and inspiring music.

#4. Intensified Recovery

We have been encouraged over the last decade to adopt high intensity workouts but now the trend is shifting towards slower more mindful movements. Exercise for a fitter body needs to include recovery as well. For most people this means a 30-second water break. However, recovery is multifaceted, it includes timed breaks between workouts, breath work, sleep and other things that are essential for overall health. Sports scientists have come to believe in cryotherapy as being a likely way of reducing inflammation and speeding up muscle recovery by constricting blood vessels.

Some fitness studios believe that heat instead of sub-zero cold temperature is a better way to relieve post- workout pain. They offer post workout saunas to relieve stress and pain.

#5. Mindful Movements

With wellness being the fundamental point to exercise, a lot of fitness studios have incorporated meditation. Instead of taking time out, meditation is being shifted into mindful movement. Some call it, “being present” in each movement you make to execute your training. The benefits of this shift include mental acuity and cognitive function. Considering the kind of lives we lead and how we spend most of the time glued to some sort of screen, our brains like any other part of our body need rest, but more importantly, being present or mindful or meditative in your approach to exercise might be the only time you have to be connect with yourself on a deeper level.