Facebook Local Means Business

Last Friday, Facebook reinvented the Events app and now calls it Local. Android and iOS users in the US can now find all kinds of information on local businesses and user reviews.

The aim of the app is to connect businesses of all kinds with different events. In other words, using a range of events to connect different businesses that might be able to provide services for each other.

How it works is that Facebook Local takes events and permanent places of business and combines them into one search engine. The power of the search engine lies with the odd 70 million business pages, plus the countless amount of user reviews and check-ins.

Whether you are looking for a place to eat, something fun to do, or finding out what you need for an event, all the information is supplied by the people you know.

The app can be described as your exclusive social calendar and events planner. If you are new to an area and want to explore, then all the information you need is located on the app.

Never before has there been an app that keeps you so up to date on the local events and happenings. Constantly being refreshed and renewed by the users who actually attend events and explore different areas.

If that weren’t enough, or if you just don’t know where to start, then you can rely on the recommendations of friends. The app also tracks the pages you like and provides recommendations based on those as well. Lastly, if events change, you can opt to be notified of the change.