Elton John Refuses To Play On A Broken Piano

If you’re a famous musician, you surely didn’t get anywhere by forgiving people for their recklessness. Impeccable music requires an impeccable setup. Elton John, one of the humanity’s brightest music stars can attest to that.

He is notorious for his perfectionism and strict wish lists when it comes to concerts, regardless of the country and region where he’s playing. We were reminded of this trait of his on Saturday night.

While playing for a sellout crown in Evansville, Indiana, Elton simply decided enough is enough. It was evident that his piano wasn’t functioning properly and that some songs weren’t sounding the way they should.


Instead of putting up with irresponsible people, he stopped playing in the middle of the concert and called the techs to fix his piano at once.

As we all know Elton, he didn’t say so in a calm way! After a few F-bombs and warm rounds of applause, the crowd was ready to commence where they left off. While Elton was busy monitoring the tech’s fixing of the piano, the crowd roared and roared as they wanted more.

Only when he was sure that the piano is okay once again, the show could go on. Elton took off where he left off, as he interrupted during “Philadelphia Freedom”.

Needless to say – the concert was one big ode to love, equality and unity. All these subjects are in the foreground of Elton’s music. Of course, Elton wouldn’t be Elton if it weren’t for his fiery temperament!