Cute Baby Monkey Jumps On A Motorcycle And Steals A Cup Of Coffee

Tourists in Bangkok, Thailand were in for the surprise of their life when they witnessed a baby monkey jump onto a tourist’s motorcycle. In a scene which sounds too bizarre to be true, the six month old, long tailed macaque managed to steal the motorcyclist’s cup of coffee. Without the motorcyclist even realizing that a monkey had leaped onto the back of their motorcycle. The sneaky little monkey then went on to down the coffee within mere seconds before he leaping off the motorcycle, towards the tourists. Sadly, within a minute of downing his coffee, the cheeky male macaque passed out for 10 hours, due to an overdose of caffeine. However, this particular story has a happy ending as the group of tourists who witnessed the monkey’s daring act of theft, immediately contacted a local veterinary clinic who were able to nurse the macaque to health using a saline and carbon solution. The cute monkey finally opened his eyes at 3am, the next day, which was 10 hours after his harrowing ordeal.

After recuperating under the watchful eye’s of his vets, the male macaque monkey was released back to his troop. However, whilst it’s completely natural for monkeys to get up to a little bit of monkey business, the vets who nursed the macaque thief back to help, hope that he’s learned his lesson and will stay away from tourist’s cups of coffee. Why would a monkey be interested in getting a caffeine hit, you may be wondering? Local animal experts claim that monkeys copy behavior that they witness and that the monkey may have spotted the motorcyclist drinking from his coffee cup, moments earlier. If you ever travel to Thailand and are keen to feed a monkey you are permitted to feed monkeys fruit and vegetables at designated feeding areas. Just make sure to keep your hands on your cup of coffee!