Amazing UPS Worker Saved Dozens During Hurricane Harvey Disaster

Although the disaster of Hurricane Harvey happened a couple of months ago, it doesn’t belittle what Abe Minor, an ordinary UPS worker, did back in those days.

Everything started on August 27, 2017, when Minor’s wife woke him up and asked him to rescue his friend P.J. and his family who had become stranded. Minor, soon-to-be hero, agreed to save his wife’s friends and set off on his trip.

Having loaded his truck with a jon boat, Minor attempted to drive to the house of P.J., but to no avail as the water had risen up knee-deep, which was enough to not allow his truck to move further. Then, Minor made the only right decision and put the boat down in the water. Fortunately, P.J.’s house was just a couple of blocks away from Minor.

The water near the house covered Minor up to this shoulders, so it’s obvious why P.J. and his family got stranded. The three kids jumped into the boat and their parents joined them with their baby.

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They started to paddle to safety and soon heard distant calls for help and came across many others stranded. Minor decided to come back for them once done with rescuing P.J. and his family. And he did indeed heroically return!

What happened then? With his jon boat, he saved over 20 of his neighbors with their children and pets. Happily, everyone got back to safety and was feeling alright, including Minor and his family.

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What does this story teach us? You do not need to be a politician or a hero to make the lives of people better. Sure, you cannot save absolutely everyone, but one should do as much as one can. And that is what an employee of UPS has demonstrated to us.

The least we could do to appreciate this man’s effort is say a simple “thank you”. But why not do something a little bit more rewarding? Share this story so as many people as possible know about heroic Minor! Even if someone is already aware of this story, a little bit of a reminder to be kinder towards other people is worth it.

Don’t forget to be kind yourself! Stay safe and good luck!