6 Things You Might Not Have Known About Your Husky

Huskies are probably one of the most attractive dogs in the canine world. If a husky was a human, there’s no doubt it would be a Tom Hardy! In addition to their good looks however, huskies have lots of qualities that might surprise you. Whether you already have a husky or you are thinking about getting one, these facts are no doubt going to give you a little more knowledge about this magical breed of dog and help you out a bit. Let’s have a quick look at what these are and you might just see these animals in a brand new light.

Image Source: Pets4Home


1. These wolf like creatures are actually able to change their metabolisms whenever they like. Huskies can actually sprint for hours on end without feeling tired in the slightly, all the while maintaining their fat stores. This is why they remain pretty slimline even with their healthy appetites. Even though this is known to be the case, scientists still do not know why this is.

2. You might have noticed your husky can get pretty loud but did you realize exactly HOW loud? The howl of a husky can actually be heard up to 10 miles away, Yikes!

3. Huskies are well known for their piercing blue eyes which are definitely beautiful and one of their most eye catching features. Many of these dogs however, have a condition known as heterochromia which gives them 2 different colored eyes (although one will always be blue!)

Image Source: Dogster


4. Although often loyal to their owners, huskies require a lot of care that you need to be sure you are equip to handle. They thrive most in colder climates and as house pets, they are going to shed a lot of their beautiful hair. Huskies also need heaps of exercise, having a big yard or the energy to walk your dog a couple of times a day is essential if you own one of these animals.

5. Way back in 1925, a pack of beautiful huskies actually saved a town from destruction. There was a deadly diphtheria outbreak in Alaska and some huskies delivered a medicinal serum to a place called Nome, before anyone else could die from the disease. A husky named Balto was the leader of one of the packs who had to fight through a particular treacherous route in order to make their way to the town.

6. Since they are originally wild animals, huskies have a reputation for going on adventures. This means they might do everything in order to try and “escape” from their home like jumping fences, slipping off their collars and other magician like skills. Don’t take this personal, it’s just what they are made to do! Sadly, many domestic huskies have been known to get lost forever due to their constant need for change. A high fence and other safety measures is vital if you are the owner of a husky.

There you have it, proof that these gorgeous animals are even more amazing than what you knew! Despite the hard work in looking after huskies, they are well worth becoming acquainted with.